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  • Hotel Cozumel

    This Summer I have been commenting on the Collections of Noble Bandit. What started as a small curiosity has turned into a fascination for me. In this meeting, I wanted to know how much of the poet's work was factually-based and did her imagination alter these experiences?

  • Her Heart Was In The Garden

    S. L. Newman's wit and ear for language gives us beautiful and profound poetry endowed with meaning.

    It is mid-day
    But all is silent
    One tree rustles above me
    The lofty palm
    Forgotten in the breeze

  • Classic Poetry Written For Today

    Take a moment midway through your day to look at the real and the imaginary  with S.L. Newman.

    "Dead Man on a Strangers Grave"

    An alien in a land unknown
    A victim of imagination
    Covered in sand from the beach

  • Portrait: Noble Bandit

    Who is Noble Bandit? S. L. Newman, popularly known as Noble Bandit, has been written poetry professionally for more than a year now and has inspired one and all.

    She wrote her first poem at the age of fourteen and her perspective is derives from her own vital experiences.