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25 November 2008


Nelson raised, Tokyo educated, London love just drifting around


  • Nelson - Another Number 1 (thats 3 now)

    First Trip Advisor rated Nelson 3rd best small town to live in  - IN THE WORLD! Yep there is something to be said about a beach town surround by skiing mountains and national parks.

  • Nelson On The Cheap - A Guide For Backpackers

    Before Lord of the Rings, New Zealand was cheap...but then WE along with the humble hobbit were discovered and the Cafe Latte culture hit. Now everything is designer this and trendy that.

  • A Day In The Marlborough Sounds

    People always ask me....what can I do in Marlborough?....I cough...mutter something about the ferry and vineyards and change the subject.

  • Free Food

    Talk about dangling the I'm not a donkey (maybe an ass....) but somebody out there wants us to be healthy......and its really cool! Little old Nelson has over five hundred fruit and nut trees available for public pilfering.

  • Making A Buck on the Internet - Reviewstream

    There are a million websites out there for freelancers on how to make a quick buck writing on the internet. Some of them you have to pay for, some of them you join for free, some are rip offs, some you have to bid on.......its a jungle out there!

  • Shakespare's London - A Day Out In The Capital

    They say that the best things in life are free........but THEY obviously haven’t been to London, cause most of the grandeur comes with a mighty fine price tag.

  • A Job In South America

    Fancy travelling round the sweltering cities and jungles of South America, meeting politicians and presidents, organising parties, finding lost vehicles and generally being an internation

  • Maha Khumba Mela - The Largest Festival in the World

    If your looking for something spectacular, why not head to the largest gathering of people on the planet?

  • The Mother of All Inventions - A New Mothers Diary

    Excuse me while I type - quickly - in a hurry - I have my four month old son on my lap, jiggling up and down, typing one handed.

  • Trade Me Baby - A New Mothers Diary

    Ho hum, they say it is expensive to raise a new baby. It is so pricey in fact that the Australian government give their citizens a generous $5000AUD for the pleasure of copulation.