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25 November 2008


Nelson raised, Tokyo educated, London love just drifting around


  • Circumcision - To Snip Or Not To Snip - A New Mothers Diary

    I just got off the phone with in-laws in Aussie. They want the boy to be snipped. I always thought it was weird....the snip....I don’t mean to be a dickhead (excuse the pun) but WHY?

  • Crappy Nappy - A New Mothers Diary

    I almost gave up after the first week. I looked at the clock, 2.23am. I looked at my partner snoring away. Four and a half hours until he woke up.

  • Cancel Queen - A New Mothers Diary

    Before I had my son, I couldn't fathom what all those mothers out there were doing. Babies! Bah! They sleep, shit (excuse my French but a mountain of it gives me good reason) and cry, what possible reason could my friends with babies have for being late? for being so distracted? for cancelling?

  • Beast Feeding - A New Mothers Diary

    I went to the antenatal classes (zzzzzz), regular midwife visits, listened to the never ending advice (yes I knew breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition, yes I knew it was best for baby and mother, yes I knew it was the cheaper option, yes. yes. yes!).

  • Nelson In Winter - A Seal Of Approval

    I've always thought Nelson boring in winter. The leaves from the trees that line the town are gone. the trees skeleton bare. People dont go out, the town is dead on a Saturday night. But that all changed when I took my visiting Aussie friends to see the sights.

  • Nelson Clock Tower

    Great weather, nice people, an array of restaurants and boutique shops, Nelson really does have it all. Take a stroll down Trafalgar Street and notice the cute Victorian buildings, the flowering baskets.

  • Artful Dining - The Best Of Museums

    Nobody does art like the French. The Germans are renowned for their architecture, the Dutch for their tolerance and the English for their....good mannered cops?

  • Loving Winter Is An Art - South Island

    Loving winter is an art. You have to be ready, prepared and of course be somewhat enthusiastic about leaving the warm and hopefully cozy confines of home. A winter break or weekend can be invigorating and get you out of your trackies and off the couch.

  • Pla-centre of New Zealand

    Recently I had the privilege of attending a very unusual event. A New Zealand first, the mass burial of placentas took place in Nelson a few weekends ago.

  • Beijing Stopover

    A few years back I had the chance to go to Beijing for three days.