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Rebekah Joy

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25 November 2008


Nelson raised, Tokyo educated, London love just drifting around


  • Teaching 'Engrish' Around The World

    I wanted to travel. I had no money. What to do? Teach English of course.

  • Rickshaw Run - Pokhara Nepal to India

    A reminder that the time has almost come to nab yourself a highly coveted place on the Winter 2010 Rickshaw Run. Sign-ups for the event begin 30th April 2009. 

  • One Night in Paris

    Searching through one day I found somebody giving free one way Eurostar tickets away to Paris. Surely there had to be a catch?

  • Location Location Location?

     The old saying 'location location location' has rung true in the ears of New Zealanders for decades.

  • The Garden Festival - Croatia

    Held in July each year, some say it is the best kept secret in Europe, classy people like to call it an ‘intimate boutique festival’, others just come to dance under the stars in a 900 year old Croatian village.

  • The Weekend in East London

    For years the old saying "West is Best" has rung across old London Town. Nobody ventured much past Liverpool Street Station. Jack the Ripper started it, the notorious Kray brothers added to the smear campaign, throw in a plague or an epidemic or two and the jobs complete. Filthy.

  • Being Pregnant in Nelson

    This is a strange blog. I’m supposed to write about travel...but it seems there is limited information out there in cyberspace about being pregnant in regional New Zealand.

  • Driving Me Crazy - Quirky NZ Road Rules

    Its not rocket science. Research the road rules if you intend driving in another country.

  • Escape to the Dominican Republic

     Never book a trip from a foreign speaking travel agent. On second thoughts let me amend that wild statement.

  • The Great American Visa Debacle

    Not so long ago I lived illegally in the States. When I say illegally I mean the company who I was doing an internship for had screwed up my visa and didn’t let me know until the day before I was due to fly out.