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26 November 2008


I am a citizen of the dumpy grey cloud and constant drizzle, over here checking out how the long white cloud thing works.
I live in Wellington and am loving the Kiwi ways. The windy city has swiftly become home as the crazy culture and beautiful surroundings entice me more everyday.


  • Ban The Spam

    We have all gone away for a few days or weeks, or just gone back to the desk after a weekend and found to our disgust that spam had abducted our inboxes. Just like it's only slightly meatier cousin the email type of spam is unpalatable and disturbing. It's infuriating, time wasting and sometimes strangely invasive. You do tend to wonder how a dutch washing machine company got your email address and why it is sending you emails regarding their fabulous and surprisingly tempting new deals on dryers!

  • Apocolypse Now (Or At Least Pretty Soon Anyway) Part IV

    In the final chapter of Bill Bryson’s book, A short History of Nearly Everything, he relates some of the most ground breaking scientific thought ever to be pondered and then written down by Mr Newton to one of the most careless and unnerving acts that can be attributed to man, the extinctio

  • Apocolypse Now (Or At Least Pretty Soon Anyway) Part III

    In Bill Bryson’ history of the universe he includes a model of existence.

  • Apocalypse Now (Or at Least Pretty Soon Anyway) Part II

    Bryson goes out of his way to demonstrate the inadequacies of knowledge where the earth is concerned. We know frighteningly little about even the crust of the planet.

  • Apocolypse Now (Or At Least Pretty Soon Anyway) Part 1

    Bill Bryson’s engrossing book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, is an extremely long and amusing essay on the history of the universe (yeah I know, the title kind of gave that one away right?!).

  • Whilst the World Looks to a Greener Economy Key Stares Blankly the Other Way

    With a global recession, purse strings are tightening and companies are closing the doors to their coffers in an attempt to weather the storm. From the darkness, however there seems to spring forth light. No it's not a messianic prophecy.

  • Why Oh Why Is There a Pile of Bricks Outside Government?

    There are many fantastic and inspiring works of art round Wellington. Everything from the crazy wall art on Cuba to the magnificent metallic shapes out the front of Te Papa.

  • Where Will the Greens Go Now?

    A sad day for Politics as Jeanette Fitzsimons steps down from her co-leadership of the Green Party.

  • Greenpeace vs Whalers

    I recently wrote a blog about the Sea Shepherd and its righteous battle in the Southern Oceans.

  • Mutilated Dolphins Washed up on our Shores

    Another mutilated Hector’s dolphin found washed up on a beach has been reported to conservation group Forest & Bird. Its abdomen had been slashed with a knife.