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Robecca Leyden and Anoushka Millard

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19 January 2009


Robecca and Anoushka' s awesomeness transcends gender. On the rare occasion they're not the life of the party, you can find them in the seedy underbelly of Auckland city; In dimly lit bars, sipping on Mojito's and smoking fine Cuban cigars. To pass away the idle hours of the day, they engage in studies of existential discourse; combined with tanning their hides to a shade of un-natural bronze during the summer match their bleached hair and bleached teeth.


  • Drag Queens

    Ah Drag Queens.

  • Couples and PDA

    Couples. Aaah, bless them. There are two types of couples. 
    Exhibit A: Those who have a healthy sense of personal space and self confidence, which enables them to maintain a respectable distance apart when out in public.

  • Dating and Hating

    Dating, the prospect of it is both daunting and exhilarating. 

  • Natural is Overrated

    There is a scenario that often comes up when talking to guys; they seem to feel the need to inform the ladies in their lives, that they'd look better "more natural"? Are you kidding me?!