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Rosie Bowie

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16 August 2010


I operate a matchmaking and personal introductions agency and have done since 2000. handles matchmaking and introductions for people seeking long-term relationships. We operate from Wellington and Christchurch, although we have clients nationally. We welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to talk about our services. Feel free to email Rosie.


  • Top dating fears revealed

    'Dating Fear' is something that involves more men than women on average, but a recent survey we conducted among male clients at Matchcompany showed that the fear men experienced was somewhat different from the fear that many might imagine.

  • Dating over 40: 8 tips for mature dating success

    A significant number of those in the 'dating game' are mature - baby boomers and others, but they also have an advantage over some of the younger people in dating.e:

  • Dating myths that prevent you finding a suitable partner

    So what would you consider the three myths about dating that might prevent you finding love again?

    Let me tell you three key myths about dating that actually hinder those seeking a new relationship that could herald a happy, new life.

  • Tips to combat the 'man drought'

    A recent story about the "man drought", based on the statistic shortage of men in some areas, lead me to consider some thoughts about how those involved in New Zealand dating can combat this "drought".

  • Man drought? Not really ... Here's why

    Recently, Statistics New Zealand revealed information that apparently confirmed the suspicions of a "man drought." The stats showed significantly fewer men than women in the over-30 age group. (For those in their twenties, men significantly outnumber women).

  • Matchmaking when the women is the big earner - is it a big problem?

    The question of economic discrepancy or income discrepancy is something that is probably more significant in the matchmaking business, particularly for older people (let's say that's over 35) than, say, the age difference issue.

  • Self esteem day time to take control

    Many of you may not have noticed that June 26 is self esteem day and you may also wonder what that has to do with dating in New Zealand.

  • Liar, Liar . . And the Perils of Online Dating

  • The Dating Rules in the Age of Social Media

    The rules of dating regarding whether woman can "make the first move" is something that has befuddled many on the dating scene. 

  • Put On Your Valentines Day Dating Hat . . Now!

    Valentines Day draws near.