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16 August 2010


I operate a matchmaking and personal introductions agency and have done since 2000. handles matchmaking and introductions for people seeking long-term relationships. We operate from Wellington and Christchurch, although we have clients nationally. We welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to talk about our services. Feel free to email Rosie.


  • The End of Men? I Don't Think So . .

    Some of you may have read about a forthcoming book “The End of Men” about the “shocking speed” with which the dominant position of men is changing forever.   It seems a little far-fetched to make such a radical suggestion, but as a dating person used to dealing w

  • Dating For Men And The Questions They Might (Or Should) Ask

    Dating for men is a topic that comes up repeatedly because, it seems, men are less inclined to 'seek dating help', if I can put it that way.

  • The Man Drought - Again. Can It Really Make The Difference For Men Dating?

    The recent story in the Nelson Mail about the "man drought" in Nelson to some extent plays on the statistics that are pretty much evident everywhere in New Zealand - and in many other countries - that there are 22 per cent more single women than single men.  The reasons for this, i

  • NZ Dating News - Should You Really Try Before You Buy?

    A recent, much commented upon post on the Stuff website – Try Before You Buy – looked at the issue of living with someone before settling down into a long term relationship.

  • Christchurch dating issues after the quake

    I was saddened to hear about the fact that Christchurch Cathedral is to come down, even if the result may not have been altogether unsurprising.  But as someone who has worked from Christchurch on Christchurch dating issues for almost five years - and as I'm due there again this week - I rea

  • Check Your Emotional IQ - Dating for Men in New Zealand

    Anyone man interested in successful dating would - or should - know that one of the factors that will place him a

  • New Zealand Dating For Men - How Can You Attract Women Successfully?

    I'm often asked by male clients who may have been on the New Zealand dating scene for a long time, "how do men attract women"?  It's a fair enough question and one that

  • Christmas Catch-Ups - Seeking Singles

    Christmas time - again!  Phew, what a year for most of us.  We've been heavily involved in getting our 20 years of NZ dating experience cemented with some celebrations in both Christchurch and Wellington, as well as upgrading our database, content management and all the other stuff

  • Is There a Man Shortage on the New Zealand Dating Scene?

    Having just returned from meeting matchmakers in New York, I was particularly interested to see if there were significant differences there from the New Zealand dating scene.  Apart from the obvious ones - population, economics, culture - the issues were surprisingly similar, including somet

  • Tips for Senior Singles' Dating

    Many baby boomers or, to use the modern euphemism "senior singles" have entered the dating market but so far as online dating is concerned, senior singles need to keep a few things in mind relating to what they do and how they do it.  When you're older, you're hardly wanting to jus