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Rosie Bowie

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16 August 2010


I operate a matchmaking and personal introductions agency and have done since 2000. handles matchmaking and introductions for people seeking long-term relationships. We operate from Wellington and Christchurch, although we have clients nationally. We welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to talk about our services. Feel free to email Rosie.


  • Dating Tips - From Prince William & Kate Middleton (Well, sort of ..)

    The next royal wedding is almost upon us and with Prince William's recent visit here combined with all the usual drama and glamour of a royal wedding this will create high interest.  Certainly among my Matchcompany clients I know t

  • Valentines Day for Singles - A Few Rules . . And A Party Invitation

    Valentines Day sounds like fun and romantic, right? But what if you’re single? What if you simply have no-one to “enjoy” the year’s most romantic day with? Then what do you do?

    (See our Valentines Day party details below)

  • Christmas for Singles - Not Always Happy, But Don't Let The Opportunity Pass Either

    Christmas can be a lonely time for singles. But, if you're on your own, it's also a great time to set some priorities,to clear the decks and ensure you make 2011 your own! How so?

  • Mixed Dating - What Paul Henry Helped Us With

    When Paul Henry made is inappropriate remarks about the Governor General and made fun of an Indian surname, he also alerted us to something else - a trend we've definately noticed at Matchcompany and which is the growing trend towards m

  • Men and Dating: The "Don't Do's" of Dating For Men

    I am frequently confronted at Matchcompany by the problem of men who are hesitant about dating,
    or who simply have a reticence when it comes to dating.

  • Dating and Children - A Couple Of Key Rules You Should Know

    Dating when you’re older can be complicated by kids.  In the midst of establishing an exciting new relationship and issue arises for dating parents as to how and when to say something to their children.

  • Tips For Matchmaking - Some Dating Advice For Seniors

    Operating a matchmaking business is clearly one with challenges, but it also has its rewards in terms of achieving success when an ultimate match is made.  Last week I attended a  Wellington wedding where a successfully matched couple embarked on their life together and I have