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18 December 2008


I started to write when I was about seven - and only minutes later I started to cook. Since then I've slightly refined techniques and discovered a few more words and ingredients, but not much else has changed: Words and food are my thread through Knossos.

I was born in Germany where I lived and worked for more than 35 years. There I trained to be a cook, kindergarten teacher and graphic artist. In the 1980s I lived and worked in England and France. About a decade ago I started my latest stint right here in New Zealand, where I worked as graphic artist, creator of bags and beanies, caterer, writer, baker and cook.


  • Cooking with Flowers

    Flowers don’t seem the obvious choice as an ingredient, but they’re worth considering – for their colour, for their scent and especially for their flavour.

  • Toxic Christmas

    Whether it's Cheap’n’Nasty for $9.95 or Giorgio Armani for $99.95 – most perfumes are poison in a bottle and definitely not suitable as a Christmas presi for anyone you love... Watching all those perfume ads on television, the following quote might serve as a timely warning:

  • Top Five Vegetarian Lunchbox Meals - 3 - Pan-fried Polenta Burger

    Pack a burger bun, the polenta and and a few slices of tomatoes and gherkin and a fried mushroom into your lunchbox and assemble the burger at work. Looks beautiful and tastes even better.

    Pan-fried Polenta Burger
    (makes four)

  • Top Five Vegetarian Lunchbox Meals - Simple Cafe-Style Vegetable Wrap

    Wraps are typical cafe fare and usually quite expensive. With a bit of practice they're easy to make and if you wrap carefully they transport very well. It can be daunting to roll up wraps but it’s worth it because they’re really yummy and make for a happy lunch break.

  • Top Five Vegetarian Lunchbox Meals - Millet Loaf

    Millet Loaf
    This loaf is one of my favourite transportable lunches. It tastes good warm or cold and makes a no-mess meal. That it's also good for you is a bonus.

  • Easy to Make! Cookbooks

    The British version of our Consumer Institute is the Good Housekeeping Institute. It publishes “triple-tested” recipes in a series of soft-cover cookbooks under the title Easy to Make! Two recent publications are Chicken and Family Meals in Minutes.  

  • Last Supper

    The other day I revisited one of Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks where she talks about what some prisoners on death row order for their last meals. It made me think.

  • Pizza Party

    In a recent blog I’ve mentioned DYO pizza when I wrote about making a tomato sauce, but I didn’t go into the joys of making your own pizza bases. These gloomy winter days are perfect for pizza, so I’m suggesting you spread an invite for an (almost) impromtu party.

  • How Poor Child Nutrition Helps Right-Wing Governments To World Domination

    I’ve got it!  At last I’ve understood why our National government is doing all those dreadful things to weaken the health of people on low incomes: They’re doing it to make them into the morons who will vote for them in the future.

  • Let’s Get Rid Of Those Superfluous Nightschool Classes!

    Nightschool is so yesteryear and shouldn’t be publicly funded, right?
    So wrong! More than 200.000 New Zealanders enrol in adult and community education (ACE) courses each year, most of which will not be offered from 2010. This is because of the 80 percent cut in funding our new and not-at-all-improved National government has announced in their latest budget.