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Sabine Schneider

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18 December 2008


I started to write when I was about seven - and only minutes later I started to cook. Since then I've slightly refined techniques and discovered a few more words and ingredients, but not much else has changed: Words and food are my thread through Knossos.

I was born in Germany where I lived and worked for more than 35 years. There I trained to be a cook, kindergarten teacher and graphic artist. In the 1980s I lived and worked in England and France. About a decade ago I started my latest stint right here in New Zealand, where I worked as graphic artist, creator of bags and beanies, caterer, writer, baker and cook.


  • Sugar plum fairy

    Why sugar plum fairy, you might ask. She's a character in Tchaikovsky's ballet Nutcracker. And she's a keeper of sweets. Such as the sweet I'm about to make - plum leather.

  • Horsemeat And Other Delicacies

    Today I worked all day in the hospice kitchen - believe it or not - a wonderful place to work.

  • Servings From A Foodie's Desk

    As you will soon be able to see from my avatar - drawn by the incredibly talented Margaret Tolland - my universe is filled with food. If it was up to me this blog would be an edible one filled with gooey chocolate, freshly baked bread and home made pizza. Mind you, not all at the same time.