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Samantha Lee

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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee will run only if being chased by psycho killers.

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  • This Girl Can

    There is a certain day, somewhere between the end of the previous year and about four weeks into work in the new one, where something goes horribly wrong with my body.

  • The Smile Experiment

    The amount of woe in my life has reached gargantuan proportions.



    I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. It really hasn’t been my fault.    

  • Review: The Heat

     Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in a cop-comedy sounds like a great idea in theory.

  • Review: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

    So, I saw this play that you should go and see.

    What’s it about?

    ... See, the thing is, I can’t actually tell you.

    What happens is, there’s an actor. And they’re told two things before they perform:

  • Review: The Great Gatsby

    If you think The Great Gatsby is another Baz Luhrmann spectacle...

    ...Well, you’d be right.

  • Smart Girls At The Party - Three websites I’d tell my daughter about*

    *I don’t actually have a kid.

    Let me tell you why I wrote this. I went to go get a birthday present for my friend’s kid, who I am an honorary Aunt to and as such really don’t want to stuff up the present-getting.

  • An Evening with Julie Andrews - don't miss out!

     Julie Andrews is currently gracing Auckland with her presence, as the star and subject of An Evening with Julie Andrews, on tomorrow night at The Civic.

  • Review: The Glass Menagerie

    I went to The Glass Menagerie at the Selwyn Theatre knowing three things about the production: it’s a play by Tennessee Williams; theatre doyenne Elizabeth Hawthorne was cast in it; it was potentially about hope.

  • 5 Reasons to Rewatch Iron Man 3

    *Spoiler alert.

  • Brave’s Merida gets a makeover – and a 100,000 strong petition to Disney

     I liked Brave.