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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee is doing just fine, thank you.

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  • Bee Whispering for Dummies

    For a bee attack on the bus, use the following protocol…

  • Thursday Night Fright Night

    Where have all the good Thursdays gone?

  • Four Hour Day for Students

    Is anyone else shocked?

  • Humidity Breeds Humanity

    A little amateur introspection, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  • Recipe For Absolute Disaster

    How not to apply for a job in these recession-filled times…

  • Battle of the Bagpipes

    Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a busker’s life for me.

  • Find Your Inner Ox

    Chinese New Year is upon us with The Lantern Festival kicking off next weekend.

  • Write Your Own Inauguration Speech

    Think you could have done a better job than Obama?

    Go to  to generate an Inauguration Speech more worthy.

  • Inauguration Day Jitters

    I am not, in fact, an American. There’s no good reason I should be interested at all in what’s going down in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. However, it’s not just me- lots of people are, in fact, shaking very quietly in their boots. 

    Question: Who remembers George Bush?

  • If I Were A Boy

    Spark. Plug. Why do two seemingly simple, non-threatening words, have such terrifyingly different meanings to both genders?