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  • Wicked is Coming!

    Pretty sure that 2013 is the Year of Awesome Stuff for Auckland (official name is a work in progress.)


  • Les Misérables Not too Shabby: Review

    This bloody movie. People have been full of opinions on Les Misérables since the movie came out, and even more so since it became a Golden Globe winner in three categories and Academy Award contender.

  • Auckland Arts line up for 2013

    Auckland Arts have been growing from strength to strength each year – 2013 brings a varied and colourful range of events and performances.

  • Giselle, the NZFC, and Toa Fraser. Choice.

    I love ballet. I love it for its apparent effortlessness; I love it for the supreme effort of the dancers who make their performances appear this way; I love that stories filled with meaning can be portrayed with such talented and heartbreaking physicality without a word said.

  • Mini-breaking? Omigod, Legally Blonde is a great idea!

    Legally Blonde. You may recall this was a hit 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson. This was turned into Legally Blonde The Musical in 2007 by some enterprising producers.

  • Auckland Arts Festival 2013 – Start booking!

    What do you have planned for next year?

    Say, around March?

    If you’re in Auckland, I’d fully recommend checking out what’s on for the Auckland Arts Festival.

  • Review: Mary Poppins

    For God’s sake go and see this production.

    That is all.

  • LATE at the Museum: Sloth

     Feeling lazy, Auckland? A little bit...idle? Lacking energy, enthusiasm, drive? Do you know someone that needs three and a half cans of Red Bull poured down their throat and a firm kick in the proverbial before they do anything remotely productive?

  • Mary Poppins Arrives in Auckland

     “Winds in the East - there’s a mist coming something is brewing, about to begin...”

  • Kiwis vote for actual Hot Birds - Bird Of The Year 2012

     You all know how much I like an underdog. Taking this into consideration, I really think you should vote for The Royal Spoonbill.