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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee will run only if being chased by psycho killers.

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  • Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – NZSL Week 2012

     It is the last day of NZSL Week 2012 today. That’s New Zealand Sign Language Week 2012, a week which promotes Deaf awareness and encourages people to learn NZSL.

  • #MaxxFail? Auckland commuters need to rant despite 99.88% “Reliability Rate”

     I think I’m in need of a good whine. I’m an experienced public transport commuter (my car was stolen from my driveway a few years ago and given I was moving into the CBD at the time, I’ve never looked back.)

  • The Brave: The play Kiwi men can drag the Missus OR the Mates to...

    The Brave, by Massive Company is an excellent chance for all Kiwi men to take their Missus (or their mates) to see a production that shows the unique, candid stories and thoughts of eight young men.

  • Signs You’re A 90’s Television Addict

    I’ve stated many a time on this blog that I am a geek. My geekness comes in all shapes and forms, but mostly in the form of TV and theatre dorkery.

  • Jersey Boys opens – go and see it, NZ!

    I adore musical theatre. My Fair Lady, We Will Rock You, Wicked, Ghost, Oklahoma!, West Side Story – anything with song and dance and I’ll be front row and centre.

  • Kiwi Wins Mr Gay World 2012

    Congratulations to Andreas (Andy) Derleth, winner of Mr Gay World 2012.

  • The Hunger Games: No Twilight Here!

    The Hunger Games has finally arrived. And it is not the new Twilight. Thank God.

  • Lucy Lawless v. Shell: David v. Goliath

    I am a fan of strong female characters on TV. I fully subscribe to the adage "you can’t be what you can’t see." A huge part of that is having highly visible, positive role models on our screens.

  • Customer Complaint: The Price of Milk

    Dear Milk Pricing People,

  • Geek Chic is back- Four’s ‘New Girl’ is Adorkable

    “So, you know in horror movies, when the girl’s like, oh my god, there’s something in the basement, let me just run down there in my underwear and see what’s going on in the dark, and you’re like, what is your problem?! Call the police!