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  • The Hunger Games: No Twilight Here!

    The Hunger Games has finally arrived. And it is not the new Twilight. Thank God.

  • Lucy Lawless v. Shell: David v. Goliath

    I am a fan of strong female characters on TV. I fully subscribe to the adage "you can’t be what you can’t see." A huge part of that is having highly visible, positive role models on our screens.

  • Customer Complaint: The Price of Milk

    Dear Milk Pricing People,

  • Geek Chic is back- Four’s ‘New Girl’ is Adorkable

    “So, you know in horror movies, when the girl’s like, oh my god, there’s something in the basement, let me just run down there in my underwear and see what’s going on in the dark, and you’re like, what is your problem?! Call the police!

  • Does Kindness Count?

    International Random Acts of Kindness Week is still three weeks away, but I’m starting now.

  • Not Buying It- Libra consumers have their say

    UPDATED* Sometimes you see an ad which just makes you go...”Excuse me?”

  • Status Updates - A new religion?

    If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, chances are you have felt, resisted or given in to the temptation to update with something Highly Inappropriate.

  • Underdog David versus Corporate Goliath – Who Wins?

    How does the little guy get ahead these days?

  • A Snowy Day in Auckland Town

    Oh, imagine if it snowed in Auckland.

  • Road Rage? Try Pedestrian Rage.

    If you are a driver, chances are you've taken note of one or two articles in the media with groans and complaints about other people’s driving.