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Samantha Lee

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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee will run only if being chased by psycho killers.

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  • Mum's The Word

    Have you ever received one of those random texts from your Mum that’s either half in capitals, has a random “cool” slang word, or simply just does not make any sense?

  • My Vote Counts?

    I know next to nothing about politics. Which is why it is a generally a bad idea for me to write about politics unless I’m writing about how much I don’t understand politics.

  • Transferable Skills- Fact or Fiction?

    London is calling, and in order to keep at least one New Year’s Resolution and get a job in the general vicinity, (learning French and joining a Zumba class going the way of lycra bike shorts), I spent my weekend trying to figure out if I have any transferable skills.

  • Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Emergencies: Kudos, Reporters

    Friday night was just like any other; the pub, a little Glee, the imminent decision to get off the couch to go to town or stay in and get DVDs.

  • McKiwi to become next McDreamy?

    Martin Henderson looks set to become ABC’s latest heart-throb in the new series Off the Map, executive produced by the creator of Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, and created by Grey’s Anatomy writer/prod

  • The Mysterious World of Twitter

    I used to think that Twitter was a way for people to stand in a virtual room and shout at each other simultaneously.

  • Temporary Cure Found For Gleeks


  • Assassins Kills: Review

    Just so we’re clear, I had a range of working titles for this one. (Deadly Humour. Assassins Doesn't Expire. Depart For Assassins. )

  • London Calling

    I’ve fallen in love. Not with a big brawny lad name of Brutus, though I’m sure we all live in hope.

    This time my heart’s desire is a place, and about 14 million people have already fallen for it, judging by the population.

  • Wicked: A Witch’s Tale

    I’m in London for a very small budgeted OE, and one of the things I was determined to spend my hard earned pounds on was the West End multiple Tony Award winning show, Wicked.