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  • Air NZ Gets It Right?

    Air NZ this week withdrew its membership from the EMA, citing as part of the reasoning behind this decision that Alisdair Thompson’s recent comments regarding his view that women’s monthly menstruation affects their productivity at work.

  • In Defence of Wonder Woman

    I read a comment recently which ridiculed main female characters on television. The comment was that over the last decade all women on all shows were now required to have the characteristic of being able to kick some serious butt- be tough mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Licence To Parent To Stop Child Abusers?

    Should prospective parents have to pass an exam before they have a child?

  • Pining For Pineapple Lumps?

    If you’ve ever spent a good length of time overseas working or travelling, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

  • Mum's The Word

    Have you ever received one of those random texts from your Mum that’s either half in capitals, has a random “cool” slang word, or simply just does not make any sense?

  • My Vote Counts?

    I know next to nothing about politics. Which is why it is a generally a bad idea for me to write about politics unless I’m writing about how much I don’t understand politics.

  • Transferable Skills- Fact or Fiction?

    London is calling, and in order to keep at least one New Year’s Resolution and get a job in the general vicinity, (learning French and joining a Zumba class going the way of lycra bike shorts), I spent my weekend trying to figure out if I have any transferable skills.

  • Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Emergencies: Kudos, Reporters

    Friday night was just like any other; the pub, a little Glee, the imminent decision to get off the couch to go to town or stay in and get DVDs.

  • McKiwi to become next McDreamy?

    Martin Henderson looks set to become ABC’s latest heart-throb in the new series Off the Map, executive produced by the creator of Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, and created by Grey’s Anatomy writer/prod

  • The Mysterious World of Twitter

    I used to think that Twitter was a way for people to stand in a virtual room and shout at each other simultaneously.