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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee is doing just fine, thank you.

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  • London Calling

    I’ve fallen in love. Not with a big brawny lad name of Brutus, though I’m sure we all live in hope.

    This time my heart’s desire is a place, and about 14 million people have already fallen for it, judging by the population.

  • Wicked: A Witch’s Tale

    I’m in London for a very small budgeted OE, and one of the things I was determined to spend my hard earned pounds on was the West End multiple Tony Award winning show, Wicked.

  • Kiwi vs. Shark?

    The US, recently, has caught my attention a couple of times by mentioning something called Shark Week. Bones saw a teacher take her class to an aquarium for it.

  • Treating A Dog’s Breakfast With A Dog’s Breakfast

    Well, this is it. The final hell hath no fury like a woman without Sunrise blog.

  • Passive Aggressive, Much?

    I think I’m fairly passive aggressive.

  • Pay Your Fines or Pay The Price

    I am currently on the run.

  • Sunrise Hasn't Set Yet- Call To Arms For Viewers

    Revolution. It takes all shapes and sizes, from the smallest whisper of protest to grand battles played out in many forms and guises.

  • Bring Back Sunrise

    “Viewers should not be afraid of their television networks. Television networks should be afraid of their viewers.”

    That was somewhat bastardised from V for Vendetta, but I think it’s appropriate here.

  • Confrontation: Officially Useless

    This week of social experimentation turned out some interesting results.

    Apparently, we all have the right to do exactly what we want, when we want, because we can.

  • Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

    Having read a couple of reviews about Alice in Wonderland, I went to see this movie with the idea that might not be worth it.