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6 January 2009


Samantha Lee will run only if being chased by psycho killers.

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  • Film Review: Nine

    Nine stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido, a director trying to make his latest movie a hit, and a man searching for answers through his muses past and present; a succession of women played by some of the world’s brightest stars and singers.

  • Gleeks, Theeks and Deeks 2010

    The new Summer Edition of What’s On At The Edge has just come out, along with Silo Theatre’s 2010 billings, and myriad other venue’s up and coming entertainment for the year.

  • Boys and Their Toys: An Outsider’s Perspective.

    I went to a car show on the weekend. This is a remarkable event in and of itself as generally my typical response to any car related line of questioning is “A green one.”

  • It's THAT Time Again...

    Well, it’s 2010, so I figure another year has gone by with me achieving possibly three out of a potential eight resolutions.

  • For the Love of Bones


  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Wops...

    Recently I went on an excursion to The Bush.

    This was not entirely by choice as it was part of a work Getting To Know You by Trying To Kill You experience, however one must do what one must do.

  • Bad Santa?

    What do you think has happened to the Santa on Queen St, Auckland?

  • A Glee-ful Beginning

    Anyone watching Glee in my general vicinity last night would have seen me jumping up and down for joy and muttering mainly incoherently.

  • Review: Mamma Mia

    Winter is over, the nights are warmer and the prospect of shaving one's legs when venturing out again is relatively tolerable.

  • Climate Change- Are We That Apathetic?

    Do we really care…about anything?