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Scott Newman

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15 January 2009


Hi, my name is Scott Newman. I'm an adventurous Kiwi guy. Have lived in London, England & Vancouver, Canada. Now, I am back. I love to write blogs about sport, music, entertainment & lifestyle news. Feel free to leave any comments on my blog posts. Thank you for reading!


  • Is Silence Golden?

    What do you say to someone that you would like to get to know better when you have been around the person a long time without saying anything for so long now that it may be uncomfortable to strike up a conversation?

  • They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

    Have you noticed that a majority of the bands and artists coming to perform in New Zealand are musicians that are attempting a comeback or have reformed for another tour after an extended break?

  • Kiwis Can Fly

    Growing up in New Zealand generally makes a safe, clean, natural & fun lifestyle.

  • Are We Getting Too "Rugbyed" Out In NZ?

    Being a big rugby fan in New Zealand I often wonder if we are losing some of our passion for the national game as there are a lot of reasons why to point out this fact over the most recent seasons. Here are my thoughts about it.

  • A Big Day Out Experience

    The Big Day Out music festival has been around for many years now and throughout the timeline of the big headliners you could say that the lineup for the event has lost a lot of its International artist selection and become a showcase of bands that have good fan base & popula