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Hi, my name is Scott Newman. I'm an adventurous Kiwi guy. Have lived in London, England & Vancouver, Canada. Now, I am back. I love to write blogs about sport, music, entertainment & lifestyle news. Feel free to leave any comments on my blog posts. Thank you for reading!


  • Devil's Triangle

    One of the greatest mysteries in the world lies in between the coastlines of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Still to this day many a ship's master or experienced pilot will go nowhere close to the Bermuda Triangle area. I want to take a look at this strange area and open this case up again.

  • The Air NZ Cup NPC Week Four

    Last week featured the best rugby of the round. The best games being on Saturday night with a spirited Shield match between Auckland & Wellington.

  • The Air NZ Cup NPC Week Three

    The All Blacks had considerable input into the score lines for week 3 of the NPC. In a lot of people’s opinion it was needed to have the All Blacks run out in the break between international games.

  • The Ice Blacks Against The Aussies

    This weekend in sport is not only about the Bledisloe Rugby test. It also features two matches of the coolest sport on the planet! (Ice Hockey) The New Zealand Ice Blacks are also lining up the Aussies with two games in Dunedin during the NZ Winter Games.

  • The Air NZ Cup NPC Week Two

    The return of some of the All Blacks that urgently need to play and re-gain confidence was the story to the second round. Trying to gain some momentum and consistency in the game early is something less to be desired by most teams. Attacking Rugby is key, as is a good defensive game! Here is a look at last week.

  • The Air NZ Cup NPC Week One

    The real national rugby competition started last week. The Air New Zealand NPC Rugby Cup is back. There were plenty of upsets and records broken in the first week. The competition looks set to preview the best up and coming rugby players. I was delighted to see a lot of people in each stadium. Here is a little preview into each team, including results of the week.

  • PC Games

    Computer games are great fun, a perfect way to unwind and escape the real world. With plenty of titles to choose from. Software developers from all around the world trying to bring out the next best design concept. I want to reflect upon an excellent past of PC games.

  • Money Money Money

    Do you worry that if you carry cash in your wallet or purse that you are going to spend it all at once?  I wonder if the world is changing how we handle money by phasing out notes & coins.

  • The NZIHL

    We are halfway through the New Zealand Ice Hockey League schedule. If you have not seen an Ice Hockey game (in New Zealand) yet then there are plenty of chances to see a local game over the next 6 weeks.

  • Twilight

    I am quite new to the twilight world. My first instinct when hearing about the twilight stories was not another vampire story! I have been pleasantly surprised to find that there is a good message behind the authors (Stephenie Meyer) fantasy world worth mentioning.