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15 January 2009


Hi, my name is Scott Newman. I'm an adventurous Kiwi guy. Have lived in London, England & Vancouver, Canada. Now, I am back. I love to write blogs about sport, music, entertainment & lifestyle news. Feel free to leave any comments on my blog posts. Thank you for reading!


  • Where Do We All Go?

    "Where do we go when we die?" This is a question that we may never know the true answer.  Here are some thoughts/ideas as to what might be an "after life."

  • The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Semi Finals

    They had it all in the first round of the playoffs with upsets, sweeps, seventh games, fighting, suspension, triumph and failure. There was never a boring moment. With the NHL quarter finals done and dusted, we can now look forward to the conference semi-finals.

  • Fighting Fantasy

    Do you remember the Fighting Fantasy Game Books? No?  Let me introduce or re-introduce you into the Fighting Fantasy world that was brought to us by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone. (The co-founders of Games Workshop who brought us Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Hero Quest & Space Crusade games) Today, I want to pay homage to their weird & wonderful worlds of brilliant science fiction.

  • Who The Heck Is Susan Boyle?

    TV Show Britains got talent presenters were stumped by the audition of Scottish unknown Susan Boyle.  Watch the audition on You Tube.

  • The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs - Quarter Finals

    The Stanley Cup Finals are ready to start on Wednesday 15th April. I am taking a look at the match ups offering my analysis, key players and predictions for each round. (Even if my team the Dallas Stars didn't make it!) It looks to be a thrilling playoff series with new and familiar rivalries in the quest for the 2008-2009 Stanley Cup!

  • Man On The Moon?

    1969. That was the year that man stepped on the moon. Now that we have landed on the moon all of the countries around the world must believe the space race as over and no one is allowed to make this "under-rated" achievement happen again?  So in 40 more years we have not been able to do this feat again?  Hmmmmm?

  • GaGa?

    Hot over-night sensation or Pop princess wannabe?  The 23 year old American singer/song writer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is taking the pop world by storm with her debut album The Fame.  Her world tour is extending to New Zealand supporting the Pussycat Dolls at Ve

  • The Kills Concert Review

    With so many quality acts gracing our shores at present, it would be hard to see every band or artist that you want to see.  I am so happy to have seen the indie rock duo the Kills play at Auckland's Transmission room with the excellent up and coming band Bionic Pixie.

  • What Does Rugby World Cup 2011 Mean To You?

    It's been a long time since the Rugby World Cup was first hosted by New Zealand & Australia back in 1987. With the tournament being just over 2 & a half years away. What does NZ need to do to make the event a complete success worldwide?

  • Bloody Idiots

    Something needs to change with the way the government punishes drunk drivers in New Zealand.  The Law needs to get tougher. Don't you think there needs to be a better way to put repeat offenders off the roads?