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19 March 2009


It could be said, and usually is, my writing is better than my golf - It would have to be given the very low standard of my golf - but my stubborn Scottish streak won’t let me give up playing this great game for a lifetime. I started playing the game in Scotland, then a wee bit in Canada, lots in South Africa and 30 plus years in New Zealand.

An author of several self-published books, the last one on golf , “Life’s Lessons Frae The Links” and quoting myself in the preface. “After 45 years of playing and reading about this game of golf it is time to sit down and write about it and pass on my thoughts.
My first two books had a motivational message and now it is time to use golf rather than travel as a metaphor for the lessons we all have to learn.”

In recent years turning my hand and eye to pictorially capturing the essence of this great game. I have created giclee originals and prints of well-known golf holes and golfing landmarks.
My ‘New Zealand ‘ collection’ contains works inspired by Jack’s Point, Titirangi and one entitled, ‘Autumn at Royal Auckland’.

The ‘Memories of Scotland’ collection includes, ‘Dawn at Royal Dornoch’, ‘Evening at Elie’ and ‘Sunset at The Machrie’.


  • Golf: Tired of Being Tiger Woods?

    “Geoff Ogilvy still says, "At that point [2009] I would have bet you every dollar I had that he would break Jack's record." This is an excerpt from Alan Shipnuck’s extensive coverage in, “What Happened to Tiger Woods?

  • Golf: Take Another Tip From Brandel

    “In a nutshell, Chamblee contends that the orthodox compact modern swing robs golfers of power and leads to injuries that shorten careers.

  • Golf: Take a Tip From Brandel

    “I wish I could give just one change to many of today’s best players. Not for change’s sake, but for theirs.” That’s from Brandel Chamblee’s, “If these stars could do just one thing differently ...”

  • Golf: Kauri Cliffs and Other Northland Golf Courses

    “For the gambling golfer at Kauri Cliffs, fortune may not always favour the brave, but in terms of sheer excitement, clifftop drops and coastal crosswinds ensure adrenalin flows regardless.” From James Henderson’s, “Northland Golf courses: Get in the swing”.

  • Golf: Steve Williams Rates a Zero

    Alan Shipnuck’s headline reads, “Adam Scott, Bubba Watson and Michelle Wie in Heroes & Zeros,” and coming in at number 3 among the Zeros is Steve aka Stevie who, “a few years ago he was given much of the credit for Adam Scott’s ascent.

  • Golf: Sergio Sucks at Closing

    “Despite being one of the best golfers in the world (Garcia has ranked inside the top 25 on the PGA Tour in scoring average in 13 of 16 seasons), he had only managed to convert three of those 12 54-hole leads into victories.” That’s from Jake Nichols who has done an impressive s

  • Golf: Nobody Can Touch Tiger

    "There is nobody in the game that I have seen that is remotely close to the level of performance Tiger was in his prime," so says Phil Mickelson in an interview on with Ryan Asselta.

    Doubtful in this decade

  • Golf: Best Ever Training Aid?

    “Used by more than 420 Touring Pros globally…Only training club ever approved by the PGA of Europe…Used by 61% of the field at the FedEx Tour Championship,” and that’s just three of the six impressive statistics provided by Dan Mann who is reviewing the DST Com

  • Golf: Poor Man’s Pebble Beach

    “Pebble Beach is a magnificent place.  For five hundred bucks, I'll likely never play it, but do hope to see it some day.  They say there's a muni [Municipal golf course] just down the road that is wonderful to play instead for cheapskates like me,” and that’s from Can

  • Golf: The True Home of Golf

    ‘World’s oldest golf course’ could be axed amid council cuts,” reads the headline at The Scotsman.

    Beats St Andrews by seventy years