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19 March 2009


It could be said, and usually is, my writing is better than my golf - It would have to be given the very low standard of my golf - but my stubborn Scottish streak won’t let me give up playing this great game for a lifetime. I started playing the game in Scotland, then a wee bit in Canada, lots in South Africa and 30 plus years in New Zealand.

An author of several self-published books, the last one on golf , “Life’s Lessons Frae The Links” and quoting myself in the preface. “After 45 years of playing and reading about this game of golf it is time to sit down and write about it and pass on my thoughts.
My first two books had a motivational message and now it is time to use golf rather than travel as a metaphor for the lessons we all have to learn.”

In recent years turning my hand and eye to pictorially capturing the essence of this great game. I have created giclee originals and prints of well-known golf holes and golfing landmarks.
My ‘New Zealand ‘ collection’ contains works inspired by Jack’s Point, Titirangi and one entitled, ‘Autumn at Royal Auckland’.

The ‘Memories of Scotland’ collection includes, ‘Dawn at Royal Dornoch’, ‘Evening at Elie’ and ‘Sunset at The Machrie’.


  • Tiger’s “Tweener” Shot headlines their article “A new shot in Woods' repertoire”.  In Scotland we’d simply call it, “A driver doon the shaft” but let’s not spoil a good story.

  • The Source of McIlroy’s Magic?

    Rory McIlroy is interviewed by the Telegraph’s Jim White and comes up with some interesting insights.

  • Not A Vintage Golf -Viewing Year So Far?

    Geoff Shackleford comments on John Hawkins’ look at the 2009 golfing year so far.

  • Azinger’s Unintentional Error

    Once again we have an example of a famous golfer calling a penalty against himself.

  • Tiger’s Empty Trophy Cabinet

    Of course it’s not true but as the feed in the NYT reminds us, “For the first time in five years, he doesn't have the trophy from a major title in the glass cabinet bac

  • Duval Nearly Does It

    Yesterday I wrote, “Since I’m a sucker for great comeback stories, a la Hogan after his near-fatal car smash, I won’t be unhappy if David “Dark glasses” Duval does it.”

  • Poulter Clean And Place Protest

    The Americans have a saying, “You can’t fight city hall!” and as Ian Poulter should’ve known, “You can’t fight the USGA.”

  • Way To Go Michael Campbell

    “Way to go” isn’t intended as cheerleading to encourage Michael to win the U.S. Open. Instead it’s a piece of information which if he applies and complies with will help him win or come close to winning at Bethpage Black.

  • “Underachievers” Aid Tiger’s Awesome Record

    George Willis at the NY Post  suggests that Tiger’s great golfing record is helped by being surrounded by a bunch of underachievers.

  • Nick Faldo’s Long Overdue Knighthood

    Ian Carter at BBC Sports writes “Nick Faldo's knighthood is a long overdue honour for him and the game of golf.”

    So how come it took so long?