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‘A taste of Toot Sweets is popping up’

What began as a simple sweet treat has ballooned into more than anyone could have first imagined.

Toot Sweets, Invercargill’s new lolly shop, will not only be filled with sweet treats, but like Transport World’s other world-class attractions, offer something unique and captivating – New Zealand’s first interactive lolly eutopia.

As alluded to by Transport World executive director Joc O’Donnell, the team at Transport World likes to create visitor attractions that are destinations that appeal to everyone.

“It just made sense – taking inspiration from other lolly-themed events and locations, a lolly eutopia in the heart of Invercargill, what could possibly be better?” Joc said.

“Visitors will step into a world of pure imagination, from the moment they swing open the door, and we can promise you there will be something for everyone.”

Like with any good thing, it takes time, and creating this new destination is taking more time than first anticipated.

“Our historic buildings, while truly magnificent and unique, each telling their own story, do require a large amount of strengthening work and TLC to get up to spec.”

Not one to keep people waiting, Joc and the Transport World team have come up with a temporary fix for those awaiting the arrival of Toot Sweets.

That’s right – a taste of Toot Sweets will be popping up in the Invercargill CBD, opening on December 1.

“While work continues in the Tay Street Toot Sweets, we’ve come up with a way for customers to fill their void, or in this case, pick their mixes,” Joc said.

“Toot Sweets pop-up shop will be opening at 25 Esk Street on December 1, and all going to plan, will be open until we have a confirmed date for the main Toot Sweets shop.”

The highly anticipated candy floss machine will take centre stage, along with a range of English sweets, liquorice straps, a small selection of fudge, novelty drink range and some retail options.

All going to plan, the main Tay Street Toot Sweets shop and lolly eutopia will be open in the first quarter of 2024. More information will follow closer to the time.


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