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Air New Zealand working with Starlink to redefine domestic travel

  • First Starlink internet install on an ATR and a domestic jet in late 2024
  • Bringing high speed, low latency internet to domestic aircraft
  • View to rollout domestic internet on further aircraft in 2025

In a step toward transforming the way we travel in Aotearoa, Air New Zealand is working with the revolutionary satellite internet service provider, Starlink, to introduce free internet onboard domestic aircraft.

Starlink will be installed on a domestic jet and, in a world first, on an ATR in late 2024. After a successful trial, Air New Zealand will look to roll out Starlink internet on other aircraft in its domestic fleet in 2025.

Starlink offers reliable high-speed, low latency in-flight internet. With latency as low as 30ms, all passengers will be able to use internet like never before. From streaming video content to working while onboard, and instantly messaging friends and family with multiple devices connected, Air New Zealand customers will be able to access internet as if they were in their lounge at home.

Air New Zealand Chief Digital Officer Nikhil Ravishankar says the partnership demonstrates the airline’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences at every point of their journey.

“We’re always looking at how new and innovative technology can deliver improved customer experiences and with the world’s largest satellite constellation, exploring in-motion connectivity on our aircraft with Starlink was a no brainer.

“Whether travelling for work or leisure, we know maintaining seamless internet connectivity is something that will transform the travel experience for customers. Our free and accessible WiFi onboard international flights has proved incredibly popular among customers, so we can’t wait to bring connectivity to domestic flights.

“Don’t worry though, if you’re the type of traveller who loves some downtime while in the air, you’re under no obligation to connect and can still use the time to switch off from the world below!”

Jason Fritch a Vice President of Starlink at SpaceX says, “We’re proud to work with Air New Zealand to bring Starlink’s high-speed internet to their aircraft and extend this game-changing in-flight connectivity experience to more passengers around the world.”


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