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Almost five thousand unwanted Christmas gifts already up for sale on Trade Me

Kiwi are already turning their unwanted Christmas gifts into cash, with thousands of presents appearing on Trade Me since yesterday morning.

Trade Me spokesperson Tiana Barns said by 10am, almost 5,000 gifts that missed the mark had been listed on the online marketplace including a $500 vintage cast iron chicken, a bike for someone who doesn’t know how to ride one and men’s perfume mistakenly purchased for a woman by her partner.

Ms Barns said demand for unwanted gifts had taken off too, with thousands of Kiwi searching for a bargain and trying to complete their Christmas wish list.

“Kiwi love to jump onsite on Boxing Day and check out which presents didn’t make the cut. Last year, we saw 131,000 searches for ‘unwanted gifts’ on Boxing Day alone. This year is shaping up much the same with over 30,000 thousand searches flooding the site since Christmas day.”

Ms Barns said according to a recent survey of nearly 5,000 New Zealanders, it looked like there would be plenty more unwanted gifts listed yet. “Almost half of respondents (44%) said they receive at least one dud every Christmas.

“In 2022, 10 per cent of Kiwi told us they sell their unwanted Christmas gifts but in 2023 that figure nearly doubled with 19 per cent planning to list any duds they received this year. 

“We expect to see thousands of these unwanted gifts listed onsite over the coming days.” 

Aotearoa reckon reselling is sweet as Ms Barns said the vast majority of us are pretty content with reselling gifts they don’t want.

“63 per cent of Kiwi told us they’d feel fine if they found out an item they had gifted someone had been onsold, while just 4 per cent said they’d feel upset. This will no doubt be reassuring for those who are considering listing their unwanted gifts for sale.

“We reckon this comes down to our loved ones wanting us to get the most use out of the gifts they give us, even if that means trading it in for something that might be a better fit.”

Most Kiwi hold their tongue

When it comes to telling gift-givers how they really feel, most New Zealanders are too polite to tell them they haven’t got it right.

“When we asked Kiwi how they react when unwrapping a bad present, 69 per cent admitted to lying through their teeth and pretending to like it.”

Ms Barns said the survey showed Kiwi had a number of ways to deal with the unfortunate gifts they receive. “Kiwi said their most common solution for unwanted presents is to regift, resell or donate to charity.”

How to get the best bang for buck

“If you’re thinking about listing an unwanted Christmas gift on Trade Me, make sure to tick the ‘unwanted gift’ box when you’re listing your item onsite.

“A good backstory always goes down well, but if you’re trying to keep your reselling on the quiet, it’s a good idea to avoid making your listing identifiable in case the giver is hunting for a bargain on Trade Me too.”


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