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An alternative to Black Friday: Cactus’ approach

Cactus Outdoor, the Kiwi brand that manufactures the world’s toughest workwear and outdoor products, is announcing its stance against Black Friday.

This comes as many competitors and retailers deep discount and offer ‘eye-watering’ deals.

Cactus is asking consumers to think about the broader affects of consumption and buying into the bizarre madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Folks once upon a time used to get an endorphin hit by building something, nailing a new climbing pitch or getting a personal record for riding up some hill somewhere. Nowadays it comes from the excitement of clicking ’buy now’ on some website somewhere. Only that hit costs money, lasts only a few seconds and screws over the environment to boot.”

Cactus will offer Free Repairs on all Cactus gear via it’s own in-house Cactus Lab between Friday 24th and Monday 27th of November in an effort to remind consumers the importance of repairing over replacing when it comes to clothing and thus creating a circular economy.

“So, go climb a mountain, ride a bike or spend some time in the bush this Black Friday and ignore the craziness going on across the internet.”


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