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‘Blackpearl Group and Arcanum AI forge partnership, shaping future of AI innovation’

Wellington, New Zealand – Wellington-based companies Blackpearl Group (NZX:BPG) and Arcanum AI today announce their exciting new partnership that Blackpearl Group says is breaking away from the norm and redefining tech sector collaborations.

While Arcanum AI helps small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) drive productivity and efficiency with its AI assistants, Blackpearl Group is a technology company that builds, acquires and markets data driven cloud services to help SMBs.

Layering Arcanum’s generative AI solutions with Blackpearl’s AI pattern recognition and entity resolution, the companies have achieved an AI product that has near-human understanding through surfacing the most impactful information, applies emotion about a prospect and suggests actions to a user – without the need for cumbersome CRM.

Sam Daish, CTO of Blackpearl, commented about the partnership saying, “The alliance is a testament to the shared ethos between two Kiwi-born companies. It’s not just a merger of our technologies but a partnership that seeks to reshape the way businesses collaborate in the tech space. Our hope is that the collaboration demonstrates how strong we can be when we work together within New Zealand’s tech ecosystem.”

Asa Cox, Founder and CEO of Arcanum says, “We are really excited about working with Blackpearl. When we started out, we had a vision to grow. In 2024, it is our goal to expand beyond New Zealand and Australia, into the USA and this partnership is a step in that direction. Both of us have incredible talent, we’re ahead of the tech game, and with Blackpearl at our side we know we’ll be able to create incredible products and services.”

Through this collaboration, both companies aim to not only to shape the tech landscape but also to inspire a new wave of thought leadership, encouraging others to explore the possibilities that arise when minds unite. It’s a step forward not just for the involved companies, but for the entire tech community in New Zealand.


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