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Deidre Steyn appointed as new CEO of Voyager Internet

Auckland, New Zealand – 25 January 2024 – Voyager Internet, a leading telecommunications, internet service provider (ISP), and hosting provider in New Zealand, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Deidre Steyn as its new CEO, effective 1 February 2024. Deidre assumes the role with a vision to lead Voyager into a new era of growth and innovation.

Deidre brings a wealth of experience to the position, having previously served as Chief Commercial Officer at Voyager Internet. She is known for her disruptive and forward-thinking approach, which has consistently driven Voyager towards success. Prior to joining Voyager Deidre owned her own Management Consulting company in the SaaS startup world and held the General Manager position of Iconz-Webvisions, in Australia and New Zealand.

Alf Wallis, outgoing CEO, who will remain as the Chief Finance and Operations Officer has played a pivotal role in bringing Deidre on board back in 2018. He has expressed his confidence in Deidre’s ability to lead the company and commended on her passion and unwavering commitment to customers and the team. “My journey as CEO of Voyager has been filled with achievements, growth, and memorable moments. But as we looked to the future, we recognised the need for a change in leadership that aligns with our evolving strategic priorities. Deidre has shown exceptional leadership as our Chief Commercial Officer, and I am really looking forward to supporting Deidre to achieve our strategic goals in our next chapter.”

Seeby Woodhouse, Founder and Director of Voyager Internet, also expressed his support for Deidre and her appointment as CEO. He acknowledged the journey they embarked on together, including a memorable experience walking on hot coals at a Tony Robbins event, symbolising her determination and fearlessness. “As founder of Voyager, I’m excited to see Deidre’s passion for sales be reflected throughout the organisation, and have confidence in her ability to drive us to our next major revenue target of $100 million per annum”.

Deidre’s transition to the role of CEO marks a significant moment for Voyager Internet. She stated, “I am extremely proud to step into this role – we have an A-team at Voyager, who show their dedication on a daily basis to delight our customers. I will continue to invest in our people and ensure we are one of the best companies to work for in New Zealand. I want to thank Alf for his solid leadership and loyalty. I am committed to building upon the strong foundation he has laid.”

Under Deidre’s leadership, Voyager Internet remains committed to its vision of becoming the partner of choice for every New Zealand business. “Voyager Internet has always been a leader in providing superior telco and hosting service. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for every New Zealand business, and I am committed to making that vision a reality.”

“We will achieve this vision by being relentless about the experiences we create for our customers, and our Customer First approach.”

Deidre outlined the company’s 2024 growth strategy, emphasising the importance of ongoing digital transformation, enhancing Customer Experience, and expanding Voyager’s hosting offerings to achieve profitable growth.

“We will tap into the success of our hosting offerings and expand on those with our upcoming innovative product releases such as Virtual Data Centre, which will open us up to enter new markets and enable us to have new conversations with our Wholesale and Dealer partners. With that brings us an opportunity to start building a managed services revenue stream. And of course, my time will be spent reviewing emerging technologies in our space that we could add to our product offerings to our customers.”

To address industry challenges, including intensified competition and increasing regulatory pressure, Deidre highlighted the upcoming implementation of a new Business Support System (BSS) and the continued adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Deidre expressed her enthusiasm for the future, stating, “Exciting times ahead! I want to express my gratitude to our Voyager team for their hard work and dedication. It’s their commitment that makes Voyager Internet a company worth leading.”

Voyager Internet looks forward to a future of growth and innovation under Deidre’s leadership, as the company continues to provide superior telco and hosting services to Kiwi businesses across New Zealand.


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