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Easter shop trading hours – Retail NZ

Restrictions on Easter trading must be lifted as the current law is no longer fit for purpose, Retail NZ says.

The peak body for New Zealand retailers supports moves to review Easter trading through the private member’s Bill lodged today.

“Retailers do not believe that the Shop Trading Hours Act is fit for purpose to meet the needs of consumers or retailers in 2024,” says Carolyn Young, Chief Executive of Retail NZ. “Consumers are able to shop online without restrictions on any day of the year at any time. The restrictions the Act places on bricks-and-mortar stores are commercially inequitable, inconsistent, outdated and not justified.”

The restrictions on shop trading hours are commercially unfair as they only apply to some bricks-and-mortar retailers. They do not apply to e-commerce retailers, and restrictions do not apply to any other type of business.

Local Councils have had the ability to provide exemptions, which means that the restrictions are not consistent across the country, creating confusion for consumers.

“Shop workers have special rights under the law and are guaranteed Easter Sunday off, if they want it. We support the continuation of this right,” says Young.

Find out more details about Retail NZ’s position on Shop Trading Hours here: https://retail.kiwi/speaking-up-for-you/position-statement-shop-trading-hours/


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