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Gallagher Insurance helps raise $75,000 for kiwi conservation

Gallagher Insurance helps raise $75,000 for kiwi conservation

After the success of the Kiwi Art Trail in Auckland, 20 sculptures of our national icon, the kiwi went under the hammer to raise funds for kiwi conservation.

Brought to you by Gallagher (formerly Crombie Lockwood) and Save the Kiwi, the Kiwi Art Trail was designed to raise awareness about the plight of the kiwi. Artists included well-known names such as Amanda Billing, Ema Frost, Otis Frizzell, Mike Weston, Flox, SWEATS and a special guest artist Chloe Stevenson, a 13-year-old from Pātoka School, who won a spot in the art trail through a competition run by Gallagher.

After making downtown Auckland their home for the last month, the individually designed sculptures are now relocating to the homes of their buyers. With over $75,000 raised at auction last week and one final kiwi sculpture set to be auctioned on Trade Me later next week, the proceeds will go towards raising a future generation of kiwi at the Gallagher Kiwi Burrow, a facility managed by Save the Kiwi that incubates and hatches kiwi chicks and releases them into the wild.

“A few years ago we recognised an opportunity to supercharge the growth of kiwi in the wild and launched what we call our kōhanga kiwi programme,” says Michelle Impey, Executive Director at Save the Kiwi. It involves collecting wild kiwi eggs, incubating and hatching and releasing the chicks to a predator-free sanctuary. The population grows, and young are removed and released to the wild to create new populations. Gallagher Kiwi Burrow has allowed us to do this and it is off the back of the success of that facility that we are now at the stage where we can return hundreds of kiwi per year to the wild. The funds raised from the Kiwi Art Trail will support specialist kiwi handlers (and their dogs) to locate the kiwi to the Burrow, do health checks and transport them to the new recipient sites.”

Carl O’Shea, CEO of Gallagher Insurance New Zealand, explained how helping protect our national icon expands on what Gallagher does every day.

“As Insurance Brokers, our day job is to protect Kiwis – ‘the human variety’ – so it’s a natural extension for us to also help protect our national bird. As an official partner of Save the Kiwi, the Kiwi Art Trail has been a fun project for everyone involved and it has also provided a unique platform to raise awareness of the need for kiwi conservation.”


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