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Make more time to grow – new Bluelab IntelliDose Controller

Say goodbye to manual dosing and irrigation! Our IntelliDose Controller sets the industry standard, offering automated dosing for up to a 9-part blend, including nutrients, additives, and pH adjuster.

Maintain preset EC and pH settings effortlessly for optimal plant nutrition. Run up to 4 irrigation lines with a 5-part blend, giving growers complete control over their growing environment.

The Bluelab IntelliDose Controller takes it a step further with integration with the Edenic by Bluelab app via IntelliLink. Monitor and control remotely, receive instant alarm notifications, and keep track of progress with history reporting-all in one user-friendly app.

Upgrade your customer’s cultivation game with Bluelab and help them experience the difference that intelligent control can make in their commercial greenhouse.

Bluelab IntelliDose Controller Kit is now available now through your distribution channels.

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Bluelab IntelliDose Controller Video

Automate pH, dose nutrients, control fertigation and run up to 4 irrigation zones.

Click on the image to watch the video or watch on Youtube here.

Bluelab IntelliDose Controller

Plantible Foods Case Study

Increasing yield to serve a high-demand market with the Bluelab IntelliDose Controller.

Tony and Maurits, Dutch entrepreneurs at Plantible Foods discovered RuBisCO (or Rubi Protein™), a natural enzyme that provides the same nutrients as animal proteins and is abundant, scalable, and affordable to produce.

Lemna duckweed is one of the most sustainable, nutrient-dense plants in the world, containing up to 45% protein, can be grown year-round, and doubles in biomass every 48 hours. The team at Plantible Foods grows Lemna duckweed in controlled aquafarms.

“With IntelliDose automation, we are more efficient with our nutrients. Instead of dosing once, we can dose throughout the day, making everything more efficient.” Says Carter Winn, Operations Manager.

Plantible has now installed Bluelab IntelliDose Controllers to automate 8 of their greenhouses.

Read the full case study here: https://bluelab.com/case-study/plantible-foods


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