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MTF Finance wins New Zealand’s 2023 Securitisation Deal of the Year

Capping off a remarkable year marked by a 40% increase in lending growth and a 38% rise in profitability, MTF Finance is this year’s winner of the 2023 KangaNews New Zealand Securitisation Deal of the Year Award.

This recognition highlights the company’s commanding position in the New Zealand Securitisation market, specifically commending its success in the seventh securitisation transaction-the MTF Opala Trust 2023.

The MTF Opala Trust 2023 issued six classes of asset-backed securities, rated by Fitch Australia Pty Ltd from AAAsf to Bsf, accommodating a diverse spectrum of investment mandates.

KangaNews, the comprehensive fixed-income information service for Australia and New Zealand, acknowledged the company for the success of their issuance programme and, more specifically, the MTF Opala Trust 2023 through their annual awards as voted by market participants in the Australian and New Zealand debt markets.

MTF Finance CEO Chris Lamers says, “The Opala Trust 2023 stands out as a noteworthy milestone, as it was a pivotal securitisation transaction in the New Zealand market. Issued by the MTF Finance team in March 2023, just before the market turbulence caused by the collapse of multiple banks in the United States, the team had to make adept adjustments, showcasing resilience in MTF Finance’s business model.”

Added Lamers, “Adapting to significant shifts in market conditions, we innovated and implemented structural changes in response to investor feedback. Notably, we reduced the revolving period to 18 months, shortening the tenor of the securities. This new trust marks the continuation of a series of market-leading transactions, totalling $1.58bn in issuance of asset-backed securities since 2012.”

MTF Finance Head of Treasury and Funding, Fraser Wilson, says, “The agility evidenced by this structural change reflects MTF Finance’s dedication to meeting market demands and signals our intention to issue securities on a more regular basis.”

Added Wilson, “MTF Finance’s success is a testament to its enduring relationships with repeat investors. Many of these investors have been actively involved in MTF Finance transactions since 2012, attesting to the trust and confidence placed in the company and its funding programme. As MTF Finance forges ahead in the securitisation market, the Opala Trust 2023 stands as a testament to the company’s adaptability, strategic vision, credit quality of its underlying assets, and unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of its investors.”


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