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NZ Airports appeals Commerce Commission’s Input Methodologies

The NZ Airports Association will today lodge a notice of appeal with the High Court for a merits review of the Commerce Commission’s recent Input Methodologies decisions.

NZ Airports’ notice of appeal asks the High Court to reconsider certain aspects of the Input Methodologies under Part 4 of the Commerce Act. This process is included in the Act as the appropriate way for the Commission’s decisions to be reviewed.

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Airports are also seeking a merits review.

“Airports provide a network of essential infrastructure that underpins the movement of people and goods around New Zealand and connects us to the world,” Billie Moore, NZ Airports Chief Executive, says.

“Airports must plan decades in advance to ensure New Zealand’s connectivity can grow, regions can develop, and infrastructure is ready for decarbonised aviation technology.

“This investment requires regulation that is stable, consistent and aligned with regulatory best practice so airports can confidently plan and finance multigenerational infrastructure projects for the benefit of New Zealand. This applies not only to our larger international airports, but also affects our smaller airports which are essential to keep regional New Zealand connected.

“With the Commission’s previous approach to Input Methodologies we had a more objective, well-tested foundation for airports to fund long-run investment. We consider this is no longer the case and we are concerned that consumers will ultimately bear the cost.

“Our concern is reinforced by some material technical errors that we have identified in the Commission’s final report.

“Airports welcome sensible economic regulation. We want to engage constructively in the merits review to ensure the regulatory regime delivers certainty for investors and consumers.”


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