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NZ’s avocado capital, Katikati, welcomes a unique orchard tourism business

An innovative tourism business located in Katikati, the Avocado Capital of New Zealand, is breaking new ground by offering tours of a working avocado orchard, the first-of-its-kind in New Zealand. Co-founded by Tim Rosamond and Michele Ricou, Avocado Tours offers visitors a unique opportunity to step into the world of avocados and discover the journey from tree to toast.

With avocado consumption on the rise and the increasing popularity of this delicious and nutritious fruit, Avocado Tours NZ aims to provide an informative and enjoyable experience for avocado enthusiasts and curious travellers alike. The guided tours offer a firsthand look at the workings of a fully operational avocado orchard.

“Our goal is to introduce visitors to the fascinating world of avocados and showcase the beauty and wonder of an avocado orchard,” says co-founder Tim. “We want to provide an educational and unforgettable experience that will leave our guests with a deeper appreciation for this incredible fruit.”

Led by Tim himself, guests will embark on a journey through the orchard, gaining an in-depth understanding of everything from avocado cultivation and harvesting to the intricate process of getting the fruit from tree to consumer.

“We believe that avocados are a sustainable and versatile superfood with a rich history,” Tim adds. “By sharing this knowledge and passion with visitors, we hope to contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation for avocados and their role in helping us all live healthier lives.”

“We are delighted that visitors to Katikati can now finally experience a tour of a real working avocado orchard”, says Jacqui Knight, Promotions Manager, Katch Katikati. “As the Avocado Capital of the country we receive a lot of interest from people wanting to learn not only more about the humble avocado but to see where and how they grow.” Tours run twice daily, seven days a week and include captivating commentary, hands-on activities and demonstrations, and the chance to taste and sample delicious avocado treats.


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