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Ocean Flyer presents at The Nautical Institute’s Event

Our CEO, Shahnawaz Aslam, and Operations Director, John Hamilton, presented to over a hundred maritime professionals about seagliders in collaboration with the New Zealand Branch of The Nautical Institute, in partnership with The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (NZ), Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), and New Zealand Company of Master Mariners.

We were honoured to have our presentation hailed as a ‘headline act’ and a crowd-puller by the esteemed collective membership. The enthusiasm from this experienced group of maritime professionals in New Zealand was very encouraging to see and having them share our vision of Ocean Flyer seagliders operating around the beautiful coast of New Zealand fills us with excitement.

Shah and John shared the journey so far of bringing seagliders to the coastal communities of New Zealand, where about 75% of the population live close to. They had an engaging and positive exchange with the attendees, discussing the development lifecycle, maintenance, training and certification processes. The session was organised and emceed by Kōtare Maritime Director, Chetan Sawyer.

Ocean Flyer is the first seaglider-only transport company in the world, based in New Zealand. Seagliders are a new mode of public transport that will be introduced to New Zealand by mid-decade.

Seagliders are a wing-in-ground effect vehicle, that will operate in three modes of floating, foiling and flying at speeds of up to 290kms/hr on the blue highway of New Zealand. REGENT is the American manufacturer of seagliders, based in Rhode Island, USA.


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