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‘Savvy shoppers hack Back to School in cost-of-living crunch’

With school bells set to ring for the first time in 2024, almost 40% parents still haven’t started their back-to-school shopping according to new research by The Warehouse.

The Warehouse Group’s Chief Product Officer Tania Benyon says back to school is a big shopping moment for parents as they fill up backpacks, lockers and desks for the year ahead – but this year is looking a bit different as shopping behaviours change amid cost-of-living pressures.

“In the wake of Christmas and summer holidays, the demands from schools can strain family budgets. Our consumer research reveals that 54% of customers are making changes to the way they shop due to the rising costs of living – up from last year.

“To help pay for school items, a third of customers say they cut back on Christmas spending and one-in-five cut back on travel and holiday spending.”

But pressures on budgets are also leading to savvy Kiwis hack the way they shop.

“One-in-five customers bought school items during Boxing Day sales. This is higher than we’ve seen in previous years and indicates Kiwis are trying to be more organised and snap up specials early to spread the cost. Shoppers are becoming savvier, often opting to shop around for the best prices on items their kids need rather than sticking to a single store.

“Nearly two in five customers anticipate spending more on Back to School this year – expecting to spend more on school uniforms (65%) and stationery (49%).

“But it’s not just about cost pressures; our research also uncovers that 25% of Kiwis are still on holiday, suggesting that some are simply still in holiday mode and putting off the inevitable shop.”

Warehouse Stationery has cheapest school list in town

A basket comparison between Warehouse Stationery and Office Max has unveiled savings of nearly $70 for two primary children, making Warehouse Stationery the go-to destination for good value school essentials.

“We know that the costs of school supplies can add up. For an average Year 3 stationery list, Warehouse Stationery is $44 cheaper, and an average Year 4-6 list is $23.50 cheaper than Office Max,” says Tania Benyon.

“Our basket comparison reveals a total savings of $67.50 when shopping for two kids at Warehouse Stationery. That goes a long way – and doesn’t include things like uniform, backpacks or shoes.

“We want to make every dollar go as far as possible and make life easy for parents. The Warehouse is the cheapest place to fill your school list – from uniforms and stationery to lunch boxes and backpacks, making the process not only affordable but hassle-free.”

With exercise books starting from 14 cents, pencils for 39 cents and pencil cases starting from $1.50, children can fill their school bags for less than $5.

Parents can get all the essentials their kids need for years to come for less than $20, with drink bottles starting from $4, lunchboxes from $5, and backpacks for $10 at The Warehouse.

“Our scale and proximity to schools means we’re able to deliver products that are fit for the New Zealand school curriculum. We’re excited to reintroduce the te reo range, featuring over 90 products. As a Kiwi business, we take great pride in offering products that not only honour our special identity but help nurture it too.”

Recognising the extra financial strain the season can have on families, The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery have teamed up with The Salvation Army to extend a helping hand.

“Tamariki should focus on making friends, not stressing about stationery. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Salvation Army to ensure every Kiwi kid get what they need to succeed.”

Customers are being asked to donate $2 towards the Salvation Army, with all proceeds going to support Kiwi kids and their whānau to start the school year on the right foot.


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