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Step in right direction for energy sector – BusinessNZ

The BusinessNZ Energy Council extends congratulations to new Ministers Hon Simeon Brown, Minister for Energy and Transport, Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Resources and Associate Minister for Energy, and Hon Simon Watts, Minister for Climate Change.

BEC Executive Director Tina Schirr said the appointments and policy positions announced today would give confidence to the energy sector.

“The new Government’s commitment to balance the energy trilemma is a huge step in the right direction.

“We are also pleased to see a strong U-turn towards an energy system focused on diverse future fuels that will cater to emission reductions, stability, and consumer choice.

“Restoring confidence is needed to build the unprecedented amount of new renewable projects to meet our climate change target. The BusinessNZ Energy Council is therefore pleased with the announcement today of reforming the RMA to be fit-for-purpose for a sustainable economy, making it easier to consent new infrastructure including renewable energy.

“These developments build on the many opportunities now faced in the sector, to decrease emissions, reduce the cost of energy and improve the system’s ability to cope with unforeseen shocks. But challenges persist that must be addressed, and the Government has a lot of work to do to ensure we have the critical minerals needed for the transition, adequate firming generation to balance intermittent supply and meet peak demand, a sufficiently skilled workforce, and the right policy settings to bolster confidence.

“We are looking forward to working with each of the Ministers and the Government on on how New Zealand can achieve a more reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy system, delivering better energy outcomes across society.”


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