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The Spinoff and oOh!media strengthen partnership to elevate NZ’s media landscape

The Spinoff proudly announces the extension of its partnership with oOh!media New Zealand, the foremost Out of Home media company in New Zealand. This enhanced collaboration aims to amplify network promotion and facilitate increased access to sought-after guests for The Spinoff’s acclaimed podcast, The Fold.

Duncan Greive, host of The Fold, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The Fold’s mission is to deliver insights and commentary from industry leaders, guiding and informing the dynamic developments within Aotearoa’s media landscape. The invaluable support from oOh!media, a major player in this space, is crucial not only to The Fold but to our entire industry.”

The expanded partnership highlights captivating interviews with industry veterans. Nikki Wright, boasting nearly two decades of expertise at Wright Communications, lends her valuable insights into the dynamic sustainability sector. And David Robertson, the director of Hardwired, a consultancy specialising in deploying behavioural psychology, discusses influencing consumer behaviour in the business landscape.

In the insightful interview, Nikki and David engage in a thoughtful conversation about the art of crafting sustainability messages for brands that not only resonate but create genuine audience engagement.

The Fold also features a special episode with founder of several of New Zealand’s most enduring and thoughtful publications, Vincent Heeringa who has spent years operating in spaces like sustainability, technology and marketing. Vincent joins the podcast to discuss how the world has come to be dominated by the exact conversations he’s been having for years, and what lessons he’s learned along the way.

Nick Vile, General Manager of oOh!media New Zealand says he is thrilled to see the partnership continue on for a second phase. “oOh!media saw tremendous value in this partnership with The Fold the first time round so it was a no-brainer to sign on for a second phase. We are elated to be on board to continue to showcase insights into the out-of-home industry, whilst having key components shared in a compelling and relevant way through The Fold podcast.”

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to The Fold every Monday, where Duncan Greive and guests delve into the latest developments in the New Zealand media industry.


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