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Trade Me Drops Aotearoa’s most epic (w)rap battle

Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s also the most stressful. To help Kiwi navigate the festive season, Trade Me has joined forces with renowned local rapper Kings, and fellow Kiwi artists, Chaii and Rory Noble for the ultimate (w)rap battle.

According to new research released today by Trade Me, Aotearoa’s largest online marketplace, 39% of Kiwi find wrapping Christmas gifts stressful, with 51% finding oddly shaped gifts especially tricky.

But help is at hand thanks to Trade Me, which has challenged the Kiwi rappers to wrap a selection of popular Christmas gifts that can be found on the website. It’s rappers like you’ve never seen them before – this time, (w)rapping Christmas presents!

In what is being claimed to be the most epic (w)rap battle Aotearoa has ever seen, Kings and his mates are given everything from a pair of headphones, a Weber BBQ, and even a kids scooter and helmet, and tasked with (w)rapping them in their own style.

“We’re rappers but are we any good at (w)rapping?” muses Kings. It’s safe to say, they’d probably best stick to rapping. -mic drop-

The tongue-in-cheek video is born from some very real insights into the anxiety that Christmas wrapping causes Kiwi every year with top predicaments. The survey results show that finding the end of the sticky tape (21%), cutting the paper too small for the gift (19%) and misplacing key items like scissors were among the most common pain points for Kiwi (13%).

Over half of Kiwi (59%) try to be more sustainable by using recycled materials to wrap their gifts, with reused shopping or gift bags (65%), clothing or material (25%) and newspaper (24%) the most popular.

As many Kiwi know, wrapping presents can be a tough task, so Kings enlisted the help of great friends, and up-and-coming artists Chaii and Rory Noble to help. Bringing their creative flair as they gathered around the Christmas tree to take on the (w)rapping challenge, Rory helped with finding the ends of the sticky tape and Chaii added fun finishing touches like huge sparkly bows to distract from the slightly questionable (w)rapping.

Kings might not be an expert at (w)rapping gifts, but he sure is when it comes to making musical magic. His song “Don’t Worry Bout It” holds the record for the longest-running No. 1 single in NZ, spending 33 consecutive weeks at the top. The smash-hit track was inspired by his daughter in the lead-up to Christmas.

He says, “It was Christmas time, we were stressing about buying presents and the cost of Christmas, and my daughter just wasn’t worried at all. She was running around the playground, so the first words in the song, ‘run free boy run free, that’s what I would have said to the young me’, those words came to me just from watching her running around stress-free.

“It’s been awesome to work with Trade Me to show people that wrapping presents isn’t something to get worked up about. Christmas is a really special time. Friends and whānau come together to spread the love and reflect on the year gone by. But, when it comes to wrapping presents, do what you can and just ‘don’t worry bout it’.”

This year you’ll find the perfect gifts on Trade Me across home & living, tech, sports and toys categories, for every member of your whānau. From new goods to pre-loved items, Trade Me is a one-stop shop for all your Christmas gifting needs this year.

And that’s a (w)rap!



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