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Unite Union says Fair Pay repeal victimises workers who deserve a pay rise

Unite Union says the government’s repeal of the Fair Pay Agreement legislation is cancelling next year’s pay rise for a quarter of a million New Zealanders right before Christmas.

National Secretary John Crocker says “We know from the leaked Regulatory Impact Statement that this repeal will disproportionately affect women, Māori, Pasifika and young workers – and this government hasn’t even paused to think about that.”

“When you look at the groups of workers who were pursuing Fair Pay Agreements – four different kinds of essential workers, hospo workers (who are known for their employers taking a lax approach to minimum standards), and early childhood teachers, you’d struggle to find a more deserving mix of workers” says Crocker

“Yet in a cost of living crisis, this government thinks these people shouldn’t get the fair pay they need in these tough times. Unite Union is trying to improve the lives of 160,000 hospo workers. Meanwhile the new Minister Brooke van Velden has refused to meet with us to discuss ripping up legislation that would have given them a much needed pay rise.”


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