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Waikanae Estuary Care Group partners with Chilean tech company, LEMU

In a milestone collaboration with its first New Zealand “steward,” the innovative global conservation platform Lemu today announced a partnership with Waikanae Estuary Care Group (WECG), whose goal is to restore the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve to its former, fully functional flora and fauna status. A growing community of Lemu app users can easily support conservation projects globally to protect biodiversity and challenge the effects of climate change.

The Waikanae Estuary Care Group is one of dozens of community-based care groups working in collaboration with The Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand to restore local coastal areas. Since 2006, WECG has planted and nurtured close to 70,000 native plants on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast, a rare coastal estuarine habitat crucial for biodiversity which serves as a home to over 60 species of seabirds, swans, ducks and geese, making the estuary a recognized international bird watching area, as well as an important food-collecting area for the Indigenous Māori tribes.

“Lemu creates an easy new way for fellow Kiwis to support this fantastic conservation project right from the palm of their hands. The app shows the WECG in action and the positive impact we’re having on the Kāpiti Coast, giving New Zealand citizens – and people everywhere – the opportunity to vet, fund and monitor the restoration project in real-time,” said Robin Gunston, chairman of Waikanae Estuary Care Group.

“We are excited to partner with our first New Zealand steward, Waikanae Estuary Care Group, whose commitment to restoring this beautiful area serves as an ideal example for communities around the world who want to make a real difference in fostering biodiversity,” said Leo Prieto, founder and CEO of Lemu. “I hope others will be inspired by their stewardship, both in working on local restoration projects and helping to fund them through Lemu.”

Lemu democratizes conservation by allowing people everywhere to learn, explore and support evidence-based nature projects globally. Through the app, users can view global ecosystems and feel more connected with the planet. They can “adopt” part of an ecosystem, investing in their favorite conservation and restoration initiatives, and monitor the impact of their projects, sharing achievements with friends to encourage further support.

All Lemu conservation programs are verified projects thoroughly evaluated and run by established partners. Lemu collaborates with public, private and academic entities in three dozen countries around the globe. By the end of 2023, Lemu plans on financing the first 100,000 hectares of biodiversity protection, the first milestone toward its goal to fund the conservation of 1% of the land surface of the planet by 2033.


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