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‘How my dream smile turned into a $10,000 nightmare’

Ash Murray shares her horrific experience with botched veneers

Last May, Ash Murray opted for composite bonding but faced ongoing issues due to cracking, leading to exposed enamel and repeated dental visits. Ash then explored composite veneers, which were more durable and aesthetically pleasing. After meeting several dentists, Ash chose a well-recommended dentist known for affordability and proximity. Despite the dentist’s outdated practices and the uninviting appearance of his clinic, Ash proceeded with the treatment.

Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. The veneers were excessively large, resembling horse teeth, which was a stark contrast to the expected outcome. Despite reassurances from the dental team, the appearance and functionality of the teeth were far from satisfactory, causing Ash distress and physical discomfort, including a lisp and pain. A subsequent attempt to refine the veneers did little to improve the situation, leading to further dissatisfaction when the top teeth chipped shortly afterwards.

The financial burden of the procedure was significant, with Ash spending $10,000 and yet facing additional health complications, including Bell’s palsy. Despite these challenges, Ash found hope through Dental Boutique, where the team provided exceptional care, addressing the inflammation and correcting the issues with the veneers, ultimately restoring Ash’s happiness and confidence in their smile.

The ordeal was shared on TikTok, where Dental Boutique was recommended. Despite the successful resolution, the original dentist has yet to issue a refund, prompting involvement from the Australian Dental Association. The financial and emotional toll of this experience highlights the importance of careful dentist selection and the impact of dental procedures on one’s well-being.

Dental Boutique also helped to identify issues such as plaque build up due to the bulkiness of her teeth, that Ash was totally unaware of.


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