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13th annual Festive Themed Fun Day at the Zoo – Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Wildlife Park will celebrate the magic of Christmas on Sunday, 24 December. Join us in wishing our delightful animals a Merry Christmas with our annual Christmas Eve Festive Fun Day. Our team of elves have been busy preparing for a month, wrapping special treats and creating festive themed enrichment for our precious animals to unwrap throughout the day.

Orana’s head of Christmas fun, Jess Burgess says; “we love this event as it provides a great opportunity to offer different enrichment to the animals. Our team and visitors really enjoy the day and it’s a great chance to share a special time of year and spread holiday cheer with our wonderful animals that we are privileged to hold. All of the presents are part of the animals’ specialised diet and are designed to encourage natural behaviours”.

“Visitors will enjoy seeing the animals’ unique unwrapping techniques that demonstrate their adaptability. There will be ripping rhinos, messy monkeys, clever kea and of course our jolly giraffe!”

“We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and thank our community for their amazing support”, concludes Jess.

Orana is closed on Christmas Day and is open every day from Boxing Day.


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