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A festival of lights and culture for Diwali at The Historic Village

The Historic Village is thrilled to, once again, host Diwali – a vibrant celebration of the Festival of Lights, on Saturday, 28 October.

The Diwali celebrations will be held on The Historic Village’s Village Green and promises to be a colourful, happy and inclusive event that encapsulates the essence of diversity and unity within the Tauranga community and reflects the principles of The Historic Village itself.

The festivities will feature a myriad of activities and performances, offering a unique opportunity for the people of Tauranga to come together, share in a beautiful cultural experience in one of our city’s great spaces, and appreciate the traditions of one of the world’s most celebrated festivals.

Photo credit: Katie Cox

Nelita Byrne, Manager of Venue & Events for Tauranga City Council, shared her enthusiasm for this year’s Diwali celebration, saying, “Diwali is not just a festival; it’s a testament to the inclusive and welcoming spirit of our city.

“This event highlights the remarkable diversity that thrives in Tauranga, and it’s a chance for us all to learn, appreciate, and celebrate each other’s cultures.”

She continued, “The Historic Village is the perfect setting for Diwali, as it reflects the charm of our diverse community, providing a platform for cultural exchange and understanding. We’re proud to support this event with funding from the Tauranga Western Bay Community Event Fund.”

“We are so grateful to be welcomed by The Historic Village for our Diwali festivities again this year. Through our event, we want to proudly share our culture and traditions, contributing positively to the rich cultural tapestry of Tauranga by bringing soulful kirtan music by the Kirtaniyas and internationally renowned Kathak dance by Meghranjani Medhi, and many other stunning local and national performers, to the Village Green,” says Bela Dasi, Diwali event manager.

The Diwali celebration at The Historic Village will feature an array of cultural performances, Indian cuisine, traditional music, and the iconic lighting of lamps symbolising the victory of light over darkness.

The event is open to all for gold coin koha entry and attendees are encouraged to wear colourful attire and join in the vibrant atmosphere.


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