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Act quickly to deal with global crises today – ChildFund NZ

We are living through one of the worst times for humanitarian crises in the modern age, says Josie Pagani, CEO of ChildFund NZ.

She was responding to the launch of the United Nations Global Humanitarian Overview 2024.

“An increase in conflicts in places like Gaza, Ukraine, and Myanmar has intensified the suffering in communities already dealing with acute hunger and extreme poverty after Covid.”

  • Nearly one child in every five worldwide is living in, or has fled from, conflict zones.
  • One in every 33 people (258 million people) face acute hunger in emergency situations.
  • One in 73 people globally is now displaced – double the number 10 years ago.
  • Nearly 5000 children have reportedly been killed in Gaza. Others not only struggle to survive each day, but will miss up to a year of schooling.

128 million people received life-saving assistance in 2023, but a growing funding gap has meant that support was cut back, and millions of people were not reached.

“It’s simple. More donations will make a huge difference. But it’s also about how we work,” says Josie.

“ChildFund partners with local community groups to support children and families affected by conflict in places like Gaza and Ukraine. We work together to give children the best chance to access essential services like water, food and shelter,” says Josie.

You can help provide life-saving emergency assistance to children and families affected by conflict and natural disasters by donating to ChildFund’s Humanitarian Emergency Appeal.


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