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Animal Justice Party NZ joins global protest against Adidas

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand (AJPANZ) is joining forces with our friends across the ditch to lead a global protest against sportswear giant Adidas.

AJPANZ has peaceful protests set to take place in Auckland and Christchurch this weekend to shed light on the awful impact of the commercial kangaroo industry driven by companies like Adidas. “The global protests against Adidas represent a collective voice advocating for the rights and well-being of kangaroos, who are the largest victims of slaughter of land-based wildlife,” says Danette Wereta, AJPANZ team. “It’s crucial that we raise awareness about the devastating consequences of the commercial kangaroo industry and call for ethical practices in the fashion industry.” “We are proud to take a stand against the inhumane practices perpetuated by the commercial kangaroo industry and its enablers, including Adidas,” adds Wereta. “This global protest is an opportunity to call on Adidas to make better decisions and take responsibility for its role in driving the demand for kangaroo skins.”

Kangaroos suffer shocking treatment in the commercial industry. Commercial shooting occurs at night and in remote locations, where there is no monitoring for compliance with animal welfare standards. While the Code of Practice requires kangaroos to be killed by a single shot to the head to ensure a ‘quick death’, a recent study found that over 40% of kangaroos were not killed by a single shot – and it is common for shooters to remove the heads of kangaroos in the field to avoid compliance assessments at processing facilities.

Joeys (baby kangaroos) orphaned by the commercial kangaroo industry suffer an even worse fate. Data confirms 30% of kangaroos killed by the commercial industry are females. The Code of Practice requires orphaned joeys be killed by blunt force trauma, stating that the shooter should remove the joey from the dead mother’s pouch and “swing firmly and quickly in an arc so that the rear of the joey’s head is hit against a large solid surface”. This is legalised animal cruelty. Many joeys flee, terrified, and face a slow lonely death of predation, starvation or exposure. Kangaroo rescuers will tell you that they hear joeys crying out for their dead mothers after the commercial killers have left. An estimated 500,000 joeys are killed every year by the commercial industry – we do not know how many exactly because the Australian government does not require the industry to count Joeys. They are collateral damage.

Contrary to claims by companies like Adidas, the commercial kangaroo killing industry lacks proper regulation and monitoring. The 2021 NSW Kangaroo Inquiry revealed a lack of active management and virtually no government oversight, exposing instances of extreme cruelty such as kangaroos with blown-off mouths and those bashed with iron bars.

After decades of commercial shooting, serious concerns about the sustainability of kangaroo populations have arisen. Claims of ‘booming’ kangaroo populations have been debunked, and the 2021 Kangaroo Parliamentary Inquiry exposed flawed counting methodologies. Localised extinctions are on the rise, and the NSW Inquiry brought into question the accuracy of past and current counting and population estimation modeling. Government staff administering the commercial kangaroo program admitted misleading data, and lawmakers at the NSW Inquiry revealed serious population decline. Nationally, based on government figures from 2001 to 2021, the kangaroo population dropped from 60 million to 31 million-a total loss of 29 million or 48% in 20 years. AJP NSW believes these figures are based on flawed counting and statistical modeling methodologies.

“Join us in this crucial global protest against Adidas. Together, let’s send a powerful message that cruelty to kangaroos is unacceptable, and it’s time for companies like Adidas to make ethical choices that prioritise the well-being of wildlife. Check out our Auckland event and Christchurch event details or how to take online action” concludes Wereta.


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