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Bacon, Broccoli, and Coffee Bean – some of Tauranga’s most unique dog names

Bacon, Broccoli, Coffee Bean, Long Black, Pixie Caramel, Sushi, Strawberry, Toast, Whiskey and Woodstock. No, those are not items on this week’s shopping list – they are some of the unique dog names we have here in Tauranga!

While names like Max, Charlie and Teddy top the most popular male dog names and Bella, Molly and Poppy top the female list, some other favourite unique names are Doctor Octavius, Zorro, Hilux, Sherlock, Bellatrix, and Basil Brush.

At this time of year, many families choose this as the perfect time to add a four-legged addition to the household. It can be a tough decision picking out a name, but there must be something about the names Max and Bella, as Bella is topping the most popular female name in Tauranga for the second year, and Max is beating out Charlie for the number one male name spot.

In Tauranga, there are more than 15,000 known dogs, and they all play an important part in many households across the region.

“Every year when dog registration time rolls around, we are always really excited to see what new popular names are popping up in the community,” says Animal Services Team Leader Brent Lincoln.

“Of course, there will be the popular ones like Charlie, Max, Teddy, Bella, Molly and Poppy, but the original out-of-the-box names give the team insight into the household and what type of personality the dog may have.”

This year, Cavalier King Charles increased in numbers, rising from 596 in 2022/23 to 727 in 2023/24. Thirty-one of those are named Charlie.

The Poodle breed is also becoming popular among dog owners, making its way into the top ten list of popular dog breeds in Tauranga and cementing its spot in third place.

Below are the top three popular dog names and the top ten most popular dog breeds in Tauranga.

Top three most popular dog names in Tauranga RankingMost popular nameTotalRankingMost popular nameTotal

Male dogs Female dogs




Top ten most popular dog breeds in Tauranga RankingBreedTotal

1Labrador Retriever1,857

2Staffordshire Bull Terrier854


4Border Collie785

5Shih Tzu729

6Cavalier King Charles727


8Miniature Schnauzer593

9Jack Russel533

10Bichon Frise403


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