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‘Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wellington transforming lives through mentorship’

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wellington, renowned for their impactful mentoring program, recently received heartfelt feedback from a parent, showcasing the life-altering influence of their initiatives.

Taygs, a young individual who has faced significant challenges due to illness and bullying, found solace and support through the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program. The parent, speaking on behalf of Taygs, shared a moving account:

“If anyone has the means to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters, please do, they are absolutely amazing. Taygs has been unwell for almost two years, missing out on schooling and experiencing bullying, which led to anxiety and PTSD. We were referred to Big Brothers Big Sisters to get a buddy for Taygs, someone purely there for HIM.”

Despite a waiting period of around three months, the impact was profound. Taygs found a perfect match in Sam, who not only spends quality time with Taygs but also includes him in activities with his wife. Every Saturday, they engage in various activities – from visiting the driving range to playing basketball and biking.

Witnessing Taygs’ transformation, the parent expressed gratitude, stating, “I see Taygs smiling again, becoming more confident each week, and always eager for Saturdays. They’ve made a world of difference for my boy.”

This heartfelt account is just one illustration of the tangible impact of the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program on the lives of young individuals in the community. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wellington invites everyone to consider contributing to their campaign, ‘Give the Gift of Mentoring,‘ this Christmas. Every donation helps in creating transformative experiences for the youth.


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